Startup Stairs
Seed Accelerator Program

Startup Stairs Seed Accelerator Program is designed to help startups attain success. The aim is to focus on providing startups with mentorship, advice, and resources to help the startups succeed, including a Demo Day – a day to focus the attention of the startup-investor community on the startups through hosting a series of investment pitches.

For Startups

Build a welcoming community for founders & help startups be better startups.
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For Institutions

Gain market opportunities for their startups through event-based collaborations and funding.
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For Mentors

Mentor startup founders & make them exceptional entrepreneurs with your expertise.
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For Investors

Get access to investment ready startups that can provide assured returns.
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For Partners

Help startups manage their sales, marketing, compliance and finance better.
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For Community

Make a difference in fledgling entrepreneurs' life & contribute back to society.
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90 Day Program to
accelerate your startup

We create an environment that is conducive enough to help your startup every day by surrounding you with people who will mentor, inspire, and challenge you.
Startup Network – Join an exclusive network of entrepreneurs and investors. Get a firsthand experience of learning from industry experts.
Mentorship – Engage with mentors, domain experts and fellow startups. Participate in monthly group sessions and set goals for your company.
Exclusive Deals – Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in business (Cloud Credits, Incorporation and Compliance benefits etc.)
Stay in Business – Get to know how to keep your startup going strong with assistance at raising funds for your startup.

Take the risk out of your startup! The Startup Stairs Seed Accelerator Program is a timeless experience that delivers the Seven Pillars required to fortify a successful startup business and put you on the trajectory of growth. These pillars help you learn the irrefutable axioms required for the survival of your startup and become a unicorn. Wrapped in a gripping tale of high stakes and hyper-growth, the tools revealed will help the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow build a unicorn and disrupt the status quo.

Get on a revolutionary and entertaining journey to learn the essential lessons for the aspiring entrepreneur and organizational trailblazer. Is there an entrepreneur inside you? If yes, then we shall help you build the right team, tools, functional strategies, systems & procedures required for your startup to grow more:

  • Market Positioning
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Operational Excellence
  • Compliance & Finance
  • Team Building
  • Product Innovation
  • Technology Management
Unlock your potential and begin your company's transformation
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